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Setup your company details

  • SHEDMATE allows you to personalize your company.


  • Click on                                      main menu.


  • Click on

Here is the expiration date of your license and how many users you can invite to your company.

  • Click on image to change your company's logo.


Shedmate suggests sizing the image to 800x800px for adding your logo.

  • Below is all the textual data that can be changed. It's important to keep it updated as this is the information, we use to produce all project drawings.

    • Name​

    • Short Name

    • Phone

    • Street Number, Name, City, State, Country, Postal Code

    • Council

    • Coordinates

  • After changing your company information, just click on the button save.

Setup yourcompany details
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Invite a team member

  • SHEDMATE allows you to personalize your company.


  • Click on                                      main menu.


  • Click on

  • Now let's fill all details to invite a new user.
  • Shedmate has two types of users, Regular and Admin users.

    • Admin users have full access to the system.

    • Regular users can be assigned with limited user permissions and have access to filtered information within your company.

  • Fill out the entire form and click on Save.


Shedmate will send a confirmation e-mail to the new user to create his account.


Create and assign user permissions

​User Permissions consists of creating different roles within your company and assigning them to regular users; Each role can have different permissions to Read, Edit or Manage system functionalities.

  • Click on                                      main menu.


  • Click on
image.png (1).png
  • Click on

On this page we have a list of all the functionalities and access levels that your company has.

  • Please give this permission a name for example: Salesman.

  • Selecting all the permission levels, click on Save.

  • Now we will assign this permission to a user, click on                                      main menu.
  • Click on (2).png
  • Select the user (3).png
  • Select a permission. If the role is Company Admin, change it to Regular User, a company administrator does not need permissions. Then select the role for the regular user. Ex: Salesman

  • Click on save.
    That's done, this user has a new permission set assigned to him.

SHEDMATE Online Help Center

Is there something we can help you with? Visit our Resource Centre pages to find guidelines for using the SHEDMATE.

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