Automatic engineering reports for Shed projects

Up to 80% time savings when designing and quoting your shed project

How does it work?

Design a professional site plan even without drafting knowledge, in minutes. Type your location and draw your block boundaries, existing and proposed buildings using a Satellite/Street map as a background. Then, add all details commonly required for council approval. When you are done, just download plans in PDF or CAD format.

Just 4 simple steps!

1. Type the address

Or select your current location

Step 1.png

With Sitemate Designer you can...


DIY and create a site plan in minutes from any device


Speed up your council approval process by creating site-specific plans


Plan and study your new proposed buildings with scaled satellite background


Export final plans to professional drafting software for further modification

DIY and save time and money

Generate your site-specific plans in minutes, from any device

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