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Less time designing & quoting, more time profiting.
Yearly savings, 95% quicker shed projects.


  • Would you like to become an independent Shed Kit supplier or buy materials from any supplier? Or maybe you need a solution to start selling Shed kits?

  • Are you tired of key personnel dependency, tedious workflows, and costly project design changes?

  • Do you struggle with shed software packages or engineering services leading to frustrating communication back and forth?

  • Do you want to spend less time designing and quoting, and more time profiting?

    If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you are at the right place.



Shedmate is a collaborative web-based platform that allows shed builders and manufacturers to design, quote, and fabricate steel buildings in real-time.


Benefit from yearly savings and 95% quicker shed projects.  

Empower your team to do more now!

Our Solutions

We have solutions for all shed businesses, no matter your size or needs.

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Our Solid Steel Solutions are tailored to larger builders and manufacturers working with Web Trusses, Universal Beams and solid hot rolled steel shed designs. It includes a Tekla Plugin, integration with Advance Steel, exporting to CAD & BIM services and real-time documentation production.


Shed Kit Reseller

For small builders looking for a one-stop shop to start selling shed kits. As a Shed reseller, you will use Shedmate's program and purchase all materials, including brackets, doors, windows, iron, and frames from certified suppliers.* We will provide you with everything you need to sell shed kits. 
*TAC Apply


For more experienced companies who want full control and experience to work with Brackets or Welded connections, with or without our engineering services. You are free to design, quote, and buy from anyone, at any time.

Shedmate has helped Blackbird Industries save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in wages, but the main benefit is the peace of mind. By designing, quoting, and documenting projects in real time, we can get things done quicker without communication headaches. 

Andrew Golding - Managing Director at Blackbird Industries, South Australia


Experience Real-Time Collaboration Like Never Before

Say goodbye to the limitations imposed by generic shed designs and tied material purchases from big corporations. With Shedmate, you gain the freedom to design, quote, and fabricate using any manufacturer in the market. As an independent company, we are dedicated to providing you with the best software package to grow your business. Everything starts with our Enquiry System. Add it to your Website or Social Media and watch new clients coming! Test it out!


Increase Margins & Profitability with Custom Designs

In a competitive market flooded with "out of the shelf" shed kit projects, standing out is essential. Shedmate allows you to offer unique, site-specific designs that not only impress your clients but also increase your margins and profitability. Your business can now thrive with newfound creativity.

Check our Engineering Services for Cold Formed Sheds

Empower Your Team with Easy-To-Use Real-Time Documentation

Finding qualified professionals to design, quote, and document shed projects can be challenging and costly. Shedmate changes the game by enabling your team to create construction documentations in real-time with just a few hours of training. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and say hello to efficiency and cost savings.

From the Director to the receptionist, everyone will be able to Design & Quote projects in real-time.


...We can now not only design a shed from scratch in literally seconds but have it ready to send proposals to our prospective new clients within minutes and make adjustments and revise proposals for existing clients on the run. Shedmate has completely changed the way we do business, it is raising our lead levels through QR code scanning, raising our profit margins, and giving us faster access to the hot leads. I have been in the building industry for over 35 years and have never seen or used any other program this powerful, I fully recommend Shedmate to any serious shed supplier/ manufacturer.

Mike Reilly - Business Manager at WeDoSheds, South Australia


Streamline Your Operations with Automation

Managing all the technical details involved in a steel structure project can be overwhelming for operational teams. Shedmate takes away 95% of the burden, allowing even smaller companies with limited human resources to design, quote, and fabricate multiple projects seamlessly. Unlock unprecedented scalability for your business.

Transparency and Efficiency at Your Fingertips

No more struggling to keep track of every quote of your shed business operations. Shedmate offers you enhanced efficiency and transparency, creating custom documents on the fly. 

Customize your quoting templates and produce professional quotations in seconds using your own pricing! 


Site Editor-Accurate imagery and boundary lines  

Shedmate has a Site Plan Designer built into its functionality with automatic Block Boundary identification.

Developed based on a high-resolution map system, it is possible to have a detailed view of the Project location without leaving your desk. This, combined with the drafting tools of our Site Plan Designer, results in fewer site visits and complete documentation as required by the Council, in minutes.

More Time for What Matters Most

Running a shed business can be time-consuming, leaving you with little time to focus on the bigger picture. Shedmate is here to change that. With increased efficiency, you can now spend more time growing your business instead of being bogged down in mundane tasks.


Unleash the Power of Shedmate for Your Business

Join the ranks of successful shed builders, manufacturers, and designers who have embraced Shedmate and experienced game-changing results.


Using data entered by your Customer or your Team, Shedmate can automatically generate multiple technical files relevant to your projects.

You can download on the left panel a sample of each file automatically generated by Shedmate.



​We'd love to hear from you! Whether you have a question or feedback, or just want to say hello, our Team is here to help.

Artur Bessoni


Thiago Almeida


Start scaling your Shed Business

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