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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about SHEDMATE.



What is the aim of Shedmate?

Can I use my own Engineering reports with Shedmate?

Can Shedmate give you a material list to give to our steel supplier? Once we have got all the pricing we need can we insert it into program?

Can I have different pricing databases in Shedmate?

How does the system work with regard to wind design and engineering compliance?

How big are spans for Skillion and Gable?

Are skillion shed designs available?

Does the system run back to back column and rafters as well as knee and apex ties?

Is your fixed frame designed as a welded connection?

Can we add other sheeting and gutter profiles?

How is Shedmate different to other companies?

How can I include Z purlins in my design?

How can I change the roof type from Gable to Skillion?

Costing Template

SHEDMATE Online Help Center

Is there something we can help you with? Visit our Resource Centre pages to find guidelines for using the SHEDMATE.

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