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Getting Started

Learn the basics and get started with SHEDMATE



Welcome to SHEDMATE

Welcome to Shedmate, a collaborative web-based platform that allows shed builders, manufacturers and designers to design, document, quote and manage steel structure projects, ready for council approval, in real-time – from any device.

Here are two ways to take your first steps in Shedmate:

  • The first is to continue reading this page.

  • The second is to access the "Get Started" button located on the bottom-right side of the screen.

Welcome to SHEDMATE


Overview of the Home page

Let's navigate! Hover your mouse over the main 'buttons' to understand what they do.


The Enquiry System is a user friendly 3D Environment that can be used to create a new Quote Request. 
Your sales team can use it to:

  • Design a shed with a customer in your office;

  • Share a link with customers digitally so they can design and submit a request for a quote.

You may also copy and paste the URL and embed it in your website to receive quotes automatically.

Invite new users to your account, manage user access and permissions, and edit your company profile.

Jobs are fully booked projects in which you must fill all client, project and site information details so Shedmate can automate all documentation creation. 

"Jobs" is for your production team, while "Drafts" is for your sales team. 

Costing templates lists all your costing databased used to create a quote. 

Our quoting system links the Bill of Materials with specific costing templates to produce pricing details 

By creating different costing templates, your company can easily compare quotes using:

  • Different Suppliers costs

  • Different historial prices

  • Different Delivery Regions, etc.

A list of all your templates to create custom documents in Shedmate, including: Costing templates, Quoting Templates, Contracts, Invoices and Orders.

Use Drafts to create projects quickly. This is generally used by Salespeople.
NOTE: All enquiries submitted from the Enquiry System will show here.

A list of all Clients details such as:

  1. Name

  2. Address

  3. E-mail

  4. Phone Number

  5. Council and Coordinates

Overview of the Home page


Edit your first Shed

Click on         Drafts to access your current projects.

Open your Sample Project. 


Now let's open our Shed Designer to make a few modifications and click on

Let's get started by modifying our Shed. Here is a video explaining how to use the Enquiry System and the Shed Editor. They are very similar to each other. 

Once you finish, save the Shed and close the window. 

Edit your first Shed


Produce your first quote

Shedmate allows you to create precise quotes in seconds and download a professional document that can be shared with your prospects. Let's see how it works.

Click on       Drafts or       Jobs to start.

Open your Sample Project. 


Once you are happy with the design, click on

Click on

Now select the costing template you want to use for the quote. If you haven't created yours yet, use the Sample Costing Template. Once you click on it, wait for a few seconds while Shedmate loads the model, extracts the B.O.M, reads thousands of calculations on the fly, and links everything with the costing template.


Wait for the system to save it and then select the Revision of the Quote that you want to download your files from. In this case, the one we have just created.

Review the Quote and Click on

Select the Quoting Template Document you would like to produce (Use the samples fow now).


NOTE: You can use this step to create multiple documents such as a Contract, Invoice, the Architectural Plans (Shed Sheets), the Quotation in Excel, etc.

Select the ones you want to download and click on

Done. The files will be downloaded to your computer and also stored in the Project Storage.

To access it at any time, go to Drafts/Jobs > Project Name > 

You will see all downloaded files there. You can repeat the same process to create variations for a quote or to download different documents on demand.
Produce yur first quote

SHEDMATE Online Help Center

Is there something we can help you with? Visit our Resource Centre pages to find guidelines for using the SHEDMATE.

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