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The Event starts at:

Shedmate 2.0 Inner Circle

The 🎯 7-Day Program that will supercharge your Shed Business. Made for:

✅ Shed Kit Resellers/Suppliers

✅ Manufacturers

✅ Builders/Erectors

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Limited Spots. Secure Yours:


What is Shedmate 2.0 Inner Circle?

Shedmate 2.0 Inner Circle is an Event aimed at Shed Business committed to growth.

It consists of a 🎯 7-Day Program that will take place between the 15th and 21st of March, during which Artur will personally show you how Shedmate can take your Shed Business to a new level, covering all the areas below:


Is the 🎯 7-Day Program for me?

If you are a Shed Kit Reseller/Supplier, Manufacturer or Builder/Erector working with:

➡️ C-Section with Bracket Connection; and/or
➡️ Structural Steel (Universal Beams, Web Trusses, Purlin Bridging).

Then the 🎯 7-Day Program is definitely for you. See what Andrew and Mike have to say about Shedmate below:

"Shedmate has helped Blackbird Industries save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in wages, but the main benefit is the peace of mind.


By designing, quoting, and documenting projects in real time, we can get things done quicker without communication headaches."

Andrew Golding - Managing Director at Blackbird Industries, South Australia

"We can now not only design a Shed from scratch in literally seconds but have it ready to send proposals to our prospective new clients within minutes and make adjustments and revise proposals for existing clients on the run.


Shedmate has completely changed the way we do business, it is raising our lead levels through QR code scanning, raising our profit margins, and giving us faster access to the hot leads.


I have been in the building industry for over 35 years and have never seen or used any other program this powerful, I fully recommend Shedmate to any serious Shed Supplier / Manufacturer."

Mike Reilly - Business Manager at WeDoSheds, South Australia


📆 Event Schedule

Shedmate Pattern

Day 01 - March 15

Why should I participate?

We don't know your Shed Business, but it is very likely that you're facing some of the problems below:

❌ Quoting Delays: Awaiting preliminary engineering information results in delayed quotes, causing missed opportunities.

❌ Supplier Limitations: Dependency on certain suppliers due to manufacturing software, reducing potential profit margins.

❌ External Communication: Engaging with outside designers is a cumbersome process.

❌ Technical Skill Shortage: Difficulty in finding and retaining professionals skilled in systems like Tekla, especially with rising costs.

❌ Over-Conservativeness: Existing solutions leading to oversized, non-competitive frames.

❌ Scalability Issues: Reliance on specific key professionals hinders scalability and creates internal headaches.

❌ Human Errors: Frequent design changes, errors, and omissions become frustrating and costly.

❌ Limited Customization: Current systems restrict offering of custom sheds with higher margins.

❌ Fragmented Systems: Dealing with multiple systems when a unified solution is preferred.

❌ Resource Bottleneck: Limited knowledgeable resources, leading to inefficiencies in quote generation and other tasks.

Shed Business that grow with Shedmate...

About Us


Artur Bessoni is a dynamic entrepreneur and Civil Engineer with a passion for revolutionizing the steel shed industry in Australia. With a strong background in construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM), Artur brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic vision to his role as the driving force behind Shedmate. Over the past decade, he has led successful businesses and leveraged his extensive industry knowledge to develop cutting-edge solutions that streamline shed design, quoting, and documentation processes


Shedmate is a collaborative web-based platform that allows Shed Builders, Manufacturers and Designers to design, document, quote and manage steel structure Projects, ready for council approval, in minutes - from any device.

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