How shed builders can save time and money, mitigate risks and improve revenue with Shedmate?

The world is changing and after COVID-19 more than ever we need tools that can improve virtual collaboration and optimize our workflows.


In this webinar, Artur Bessoni talks about the issues we face in the shed erection industry, introduces Shedmate and how you can improve revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to understand how you can use a web-based platform to speed up your shed designs and export a bill of materials and construction plans ready for council approval in minutes, from any device.

A new way of designing:



Blackbird Industries was able to scale its design process through Shedmate.


The company can now design and quote more sheds with a smaller team, providing a better service to customers and integrating stakeholders with better communication and proven results.

“The integration connects our clients, office and the field crew in real-time, generating time and money savings for our business.”


Andrew Golding – Managing Director



Renato Gheno
Civil Engineer

ShedMate fits perfectly in our process, it is intuitive, functional and allows the client to make lots of inputs and to take the understanding of the conceptualization step to another level.


Dionísio Souza

Structural Engineer

The interface is really very intuitive for solutions that are not simple, even taking into account local codes. In other words, like any excellent program, it hides complex programming behind a simple-to-use interface: a spectacle!


Guilherme Lobo

BIM Manager

Shedmate helps our team to reduce communication and speeds up the project review by allowing the owner to be in a 3D environment earlier in the process.