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Shedmate augments its project management solutions with a new Autodesk BIM 360 integration

Shed construction teams can now easily collaborate and streamline data management.

Communication issues are amongst the biggest challenges facing the construction industry. Shedmate’s web-based solutions improve collaboration by using BIM and generative design to simplify design processes and keep construction council members, owners, and contractors updated as a shed moves through permitting. Now, through its integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s BIM 360®, Shedmate empowers users without CAD or BIM experience to create and share BIM data from any device, quickly and easily. Customers save time on tedious, time-consuming and error-prone data transfer so they can focus more on the tasks at hand and keep projects moving along schedule with more accuracy. With data automatically being updated in both Shedmate and BIM 360, customers using the integration can also ensure all stakeholders have access to the latest information when it is needed, reducing communication gaps among stakeholders.

Shed-building companies face high volumes of small projects that include design changes and need to be delivered as quickly as possible. The market is highly regional and is impacted by the global skilled labor shortage, making shed design and detailing challenging. Shedmate empowers builders to address design changes and project delivery in a timely manner through the easy to use web-platform interface that allows the creation and modification of a Shed project to be performed in minutes, from any device.

“Salespeople can now create shed models in Shedmate and share them with the whole team through BIM 360.” - Thiago Almeida, CTO at Shedmate.

With the new integration, users can link their BIM 360 account with just a few clicks and easily create BIM 360 projects within Shedmate’s web browser. Once a project is set up, customers can assign administrators, copy project folders, invite user groups, allocate permissions and upload CAD, Revit®, DWFx and IFC files directly into BIM 360. Shedmate and BIM 360 customers can now set up their projects within minutes thanks to built-in integrations with Autodesk ForgeTM Design Automation for Revit, Data Management and BIM 360’s APIs.

“The integration connects our clients, office and the field crew in real-time, generating time and money savings for our business.” - Andrew Golding, Director at Blackbird Industries (Shedmate and BIM360 customer).

With all the dynamic changes in our market and the volume of data produced daily, users need tools that facilitate collaboration, streamline data management and simplify project work. BIM 360 is a leading, cloud-based construction management software that keeps project stakeholders aligned and drives construction productivity. Together, Shedmate and BIM 360 further save customers time and money , making it easier for teams to complete projects on time and within budget.

It is time to prepare for a new future. A future of integrations!

"With many stakeholders on a construction project, effective collaboration demands integrated systems and coordinated data” says James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions “Shedmate’s integration with BIM 360 simplifies collaboration in a high-volume industry sector with many stakeholders so projects can stay on track, and quality work can be completed as planned.”
Transfer project data from Shedmate to BIM 360
Transfer project data from Shedmate to BIM 360
Invite new BIM 360 users from Shedmate automatically
Invite new BIM 360 users from Shedmate automatically
Feed project data from Shedmate to BIM 360 and sync files directly
Feed project data from Shedmate into BIM 360 and sync files directly
Sync updates from Shedmate to BIM 360 Revit files
Sync updates from Shedmate to BIM 360 Revit files
Export Revit, IFC, DXF, and DWFx files from Shedmate to BIM 360
Export Revit, IFC, DXF, and DWFx files from Shedmate to BIM 360

For further information, check the Shedmate and BIM 360 Integration website by clicking here!

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