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The Future of Structural

Steel Shed Design

Now exporting to Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD & Advance Steel


The shed building challenge

💼 Lacking Qualified Designers?
With Shedmate anyone can design complex projects that were possible only through Tekla or Advance Steel.

📈 Scalability Concerns?
Is your business growth dependent on a few key personnel, leading to operational headaches?

🕐 What if you could design in real-time?
You don't need to wait for days to see your larger shed design. Do it in real time.

❌ Human Errors?
Constant design revisions and mistakes that cost time and money?

📞 Tedious External Communications:
Does dialogue with external designers feel more like a chore than a chat?

Solid-Adapts to you.png

Why Shedmate?

⤴️Cut Design Time by 95%:
Revolutionize your shed design process, from start to finish.

⤴️Tailored for You:
Customize frames and templates for contracts and quotes to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

⤴️Improved Profit Margins:
The ability to design and sell complex, custom sheds with higher profit margins.

⤴️Powerful Integrations:
Export seamlessly to AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, & Advance Steel.

⤴️Expand Your Offerings:
Mezzanines, Cantilevers, Purling Bridging, Z-Purlins punching, universal columns, web trusses, lean-tos, and much mo

  • Real-Time Drawings:
    Instantly produce with a few clicks:

    • Bill of materials (B.O.M)

    • Architectural plans

    • Site plans (High Resolution)

    • Cladding layout plans

    • Structural & Concreting plans

    • Single Frame workshop plans.

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Ready to transformyour business?

⤴️Use your pricing databases & choose your engineering providers.

⤴️Cut up to 95% of the time to design, quote and document structural steel shed projects

⤴️Reduce dependency on skilled staff to embrace scalability with peace of mind.

⤴️The Best Shed software on the market.

We have a solution for each business, no matter if you are a 1 guy company, or a 100 people-corporation spread across Australia. 

Have you received anything better from the competition? Talk to us to learn how we can beat their offer. 

Ring our Technical Specialist Team in Australia or sign up for a free demo to see how Shedmate can scale your business.

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our plans


Receive Shedmate's Pricing Details via e-mail

  • Is Shedmate another "pretty face" designer?
    Not at all. You have certainly tried other systems in the Australian Market and know the frustration it comes to purchase a Lead Enquiry system and only receive an e-mail with lead details. Or maybe you subscribed to Quotec to find out later their quoting system is not what you were looking for. If you don't believe ShedTech is your cup of tea, we don't blame you. We UNDERSTAND YOU! We have been there, and Shedmate was created to be a software company for the Shed Industry, adaptable to your situation, not a way to sell engineering certification and tie you to a manufacturer (as the competition does). Shedmate is an independent software, created with Building Information Modelling (BIM) in its heart. BIM is a technology that allows everything you see in our designer to contain metadata (in other words, relevant information and properties) that can be used to create accurate Bill of Materials, Ordering, Fabrication Plans, and much more. No matter how complex your company is, we have a solution for you!
  • I use (AutoCAD / Revit / Advance Steel / Tekla Structures) in my business. Why would I subscribe to another software as Shedmate?
    If you use any of the systems above, you are our ideal client. Shedmate is a powerful system that can cut up to 95% of the time to design, quote, and document Steel Shed projects. We are not offering you another software, we are offering you a solution to design in REAL TIME! This means significant cost savings while drafting, documenting, and designing projects. All of it with the advantage of exporting Shedmate projects to CAD, Revit, Tekla, or Advance Steel to do that specific custom project you can't miss out. With Shedmate, you can in 10 minutes what used to take your draftsperson a week. Seriously! Shedmate has been saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for companies just like yours. What took 7 days, can now be done in 10 minutes. Too good to be true? Book a meeting with us and learn, or just watch our videos on Youtube!
  • Do I need to buy materials from you to use your program?
    No! We are an independent supplier of software for the Steel Shed Industry. You can buy materials from ANY supplier. If you are a Shedmate Standard or Enterprise user, you can utilize your own engineering, brackets, and whatever you want. The only exception is if you are a Shedmate Basic user utilizing our Pay as You Go (PAYG) Engineering Services. In this case, you MUST buy bracket connections from our certified manufacturers. This is to ensure that Sheds are built matching our engineering certificate of compliance.
  • Am I tied to a long-term contract?
    No! Shedmate is a monthly subscription system. We believe in the value we bring to your business and if you are not happy with it, you can cancel it at any time. Also, to guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind, we provide a 21-day implementation warranty on the functionality and performance of our software. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest level of service and support throughout our partnership. If you are not satisfied at the end of the first 21 days, we will reimburse the subscription. No risk for you!
  • Can I use my own Engineering reports with Shedmate?
    Yes, absolutely. Subscribe to a Standard or Enterprise Plan and you will be able to import your own preliminary engineering library if you have so. The system will look in the library for the most appropriate engineering report and the user will be able to confirm the replacement of all frames to suit engineering. Please keep in mind this option requires you to have your own engineer to review and sign the project. Shedmate will empower you to quickly quote and produce engineering reports, but you still need someone registered to sign the paperwork. If you don't have an engineer, you can opt to use our engineering services for an additional project fee.
  • Can Shedmate give me a material list to give to our steel supplier? Once we have got all the pricing we need can we insert it into program?
    Yes, you can. By using the quoting system, you will be able to input your own custom pricing details in Shedmate, including Labour costs and administrative fees (using formulas or fixed-rate prices). Once the quote is produced, you will be able to export cutting lists of Steel members and single part orders to send to your suppliers. You can also setup templates to automatically generate Purchase Orders for different suppliers.
  • Can I have different pricing databases in Shedmate?
    Yes. You can create as many costing templates as you want and assign those to specific quotes. You might have a template for a region of the country, another template for different suppliers, etc. You are in control!
  • What is Shedmate and what is the benefit of using it?
    Shedmate is a collaborative web-based platform that cuts up to 95% of time to design, quote and document steel projects. Allowing shed businesses to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. By designing projects in REAL TIME, image how much you could save your business in wages, and how many more projects you could do without the headaches of dealing with design changes and decentralized information. Shedmate saves you money, creates new business opportunities and give you piece of mind to scale you company. Still unsure? Book a meeting with one of our business specialists to learn more.
  • How is Shedmate different to other companies?
    There are other quoting systems in the market that generally tie you to their own manufacturers. Shedmate is an independent business, our goal is to provide you with the tools to grow your company as you want. By having BIM as our backbone, we can go a lot further than most competitors due to our flexibility to make adjustments. This made it possible to design our ordering system, automatically product construction documentation, include a Bill of Materials in real time, and export files to native CAD/BIM systems. With our easy to use solutions, anyone can create construction plans, engineer and quote a steel shed project in minutes, from any device ready for fabrication and integration with CAD/BIM professional design software. Have you received a better offer from a competitor? Talk to us and we will provide you with a better deal!
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